The aim of this course is to supplement the apprenticeship training for Plumbers and other suitably qualified people, by developing the necessary skills, knowledge and competence to enable the participant to design, install and commission domestic solar hot water heating systems in a safe and competent manner.


  • Education: Learners must hold as a minimum the National Craft Certificate as Plumber, Refrigeration Craftsperson, Electrician, or Fitter, or a Diploma/Degree in Architectural Studies or Building Services Engineering or equivalent.
  • Aptitude: Ability to absorb and internalise a large body of course content, develop and apply new skills in a relatively short space of time. Numerical aptitude for completing the necessary sizing calculations and costing the installation. Spatial aptitude to visualise the run of pipe-work and wiring runs from a flat plan. Good motor skills for handling tools and manipulating pipe-work and connections. A head for heights, as most of the solar collectors are roof mounted.
  • Previous Experience: Time served as a Plumber, Refrigeration Craftsperson, Electrician, Fitter or equivalent and at least one year post Apprenticeship experience.


Title Award Awarding Body
Site And System Suitability For Solar Water Heating Installations Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems (6N5647) QQI
Commissioning And Handover Of A Completed System Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems (6N5647) QQI
Installation Of Solar Water Heating Systems And Controls Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems (6N5647) QQI
Introduction To Solar Water Heating Technology Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems (6N5647) QQI
Solar Water Heating Systems Domestic Solar Hot Water Systems (6N5647) QQI


Compare and contrast the different types of solar water heating systems and list the key components of each system with reference to the relevant BS and EN standards. Recommend an appropriate system for a given size and type of dwelling. Apply relevant scientific and mathematical concepts to the specification and design of an efficient solar hot water installation with regard to site orientation, aesthetics, collector size, boiler size, solar loop installation, control and safety strategy and hygiene. Plan and install a domestic solar water heating system with due regard for safety and compliance with standards and national building regulations. Apply relevant underpinning knowledge to complete a range of practical tasks related to commissioning a solar water heating system and completing the hand over to the client. Communicate effectively with other trade specialists, site supervisors, architects and building services officers, demonstrating good listening, reporting (verbal, written) and team participantion skills.