The aim of the programme is to provide learners with the skill knowledge and competence to work under supervision in a variety of equine sectors. Learners will be enabled to develop the knowledge and skills and competence necessary for the care, handling and riding of horses in a variety of contexts including safe working practices when working with animals.


  • Education: Applicants seeking entry to the programme must have achieved a minimum of a FETAC Level 3 Major Award or its equivalent prior to entry to the programme.
  • Aptitude: All applicants must demonstrate a preference for working with animals in an outdoor environment. Good balance, co-ordination and an appropriate level of fitness or agility is required.
  • Previous Experience: Alternatively, applicants may have achieved relevant skills, knowledge and competence through work experience.


Title Award Awarding Body
Communications (Community) Communications (4N0689) QQI
Horse Riding (Community) Horse Riding (4N3126) QQI
Stable And Yard Routine (Community) Stable & Yard Routine (4N3125) QQI
Personal Effectiveness (Community) Personal Effectiveness (4N1132) QQI
Work Experience (Community) Work Experience (4N1168) QQI
Workplace Safety (Community) Workplace Safety (4N1124) QQI


1. Display a moderate range of knowledge, skills and competence in the performance of stable and yard duties

2. Display ability to ride a horse correctly and safely in the managed equine environment

3. Demonstrate the ability to care for and handle horses correctly and safely in the managed equine environment

4.Demonstrate a moderate range of specified cognitive and practical skills related to Horsemanship

5. Use a moderate range of appropriate applications in information technology in the managed learning environment or individual work experience situation.

6. Display an ability to interact positively and effectively in the managed learning environment and or the learner’s individual work experience situation.

7. Apply effective health and safety knowledge, skills and competence within the managed learning environment

8. Demonstrate a specified range of knowledge, skills and competence, determined by the elective module choices made by learners, as required for their chosen career paths.