To address the identified training needs of people with disabilities who are experiencing exclusion and labour market disadvantage by providing learner-focussed training and related services to assist the learner to achieve a nationally recognised qualification, which will aid progression to further training and/or education and employment.


  • Education: Applicants seeking entry to the programme must have achieved a minimum of a QQI Level 3 Major Award or its equivalent prior to entry to the programme.
  • Aptitude: The programme will suit learners who are seeking to further develop their key, employment related, transferable skills.
  • Previous Experience: Alternatively, applicants may have achieved relevant skills, knowledge and competencies through work experience.


Title Award Awarding Body
Career Planning (Community) Career Planning (4N1109) QQI
Communications (Community) Communications (4N0689) QQI
Entrepreneurial Skills (Community) Entrepreneurial Skills (4N1128) QQI
Functional Mathematics (Community) Functional Mathematics (4N2138) QQI
Customer Service (Community) Customer Service (4N1989) QQI
Information Technology Skills (Community) Information Technology Skills (4N1125) QQI
Teamworking (Community) Teamworking (4N1169) QQI
Work Experience (Community) Work Experience (4N1168) QQI
Workplace Safety (Community) Workplace Safety (4N1124) QQI


1. Demonstrate personal skills that enable them to be effective in selected social and employment situations.

2. Display an ability to interact positively with others in the managed learning environment and or the learner’s individual work experience situation.

3. Apply a moderate range of verbal and non-verbal communication skills effectively in the managed learning environment and or individual’s work experience situation.

4. Identify individual career goals and develop a career plan relative to a variety of progression options

5. Display an ability to resolve a moderate range of mathematical problems in the managed learning environment and or individual’s work experience situation.

6. Demonstrate a moderate range of specified employment related key transferable skills as identified by the learner.

7. Demonstrate a specified range of knowledge, skills and competence, determined by the elective module choices made by learners, as required for their chosen career paths.