The CTC in Tullamore provides a range of training Programmes to Early School Leavers primarily aged 16-21. Training programmes will assist each learner to achieve a nationally recognised qualification, which will aid progression to further training and/or education and employment. Options in the CTC currently include General Learning (QQI Level 3), Catering, Certified Craft Skills (Metalwork and Woodwork), Health and Fitness, Childcare and Hairdressing.


  • Education: There are no formal educational requirements.
  • Aptitude: Learners who are ready to take on new tasks, can follow direction and are moving towards independent learning.
  • Previous Experience: N/A


Title Award Awarding Body
Application Of Number Application of Number (3N0928) QQI
Computer Literacy Computer Literacy (3N0881) QQI
Career Preparation Career Preparation (3N0896) QQI
Internet Skills Internet Skills (3N0931) QQI
Communications Communications (3N0880) QQI


Learners will be able to:

1. Demonstrate personal skills that enable the learner to be effective in selected social and training

2. Display an ability to interact positively in the managed learning environment or the learner’s
individual work experience situation.

3. Use selected computer applications and communications devices and apply known solutions to a
limited range of predictable problems in the managed learning environment
or individual work experience situation.

4. Apply selected communication skills and vocational skills effectively in the managed learning
environment or individual work experience situation.

5. Observe and carry out health, safety and hygiene practices in the learning or work environment.

6. Engage productively in a supervised learning or external work experience environment.

7. Display theoretical knowledge related to vocational areas chosen by the learner as part of their
preparation for work.

8. Demonstrate specified cognitive and practical skills related to vocational areas as identified by
the learner.

9. Solve basic mathematical problems in the managed learning environment.

10. Access and use a selected range of learning resources, to sequence learning tasks, review
progress and accomplish learning targets in a supported environment.

11. Show an awareness of self responsibility by identifying individual work goals and developing a
realistic career plan relative to a variety of progression options.