Youthreach offers second chance education for early school leavers aged between 16 and 20. Students receive a training allowance. We offer a range of QQI courses, learning and other supports and a comprehensive programme of extra activities such as sports and outdoor activities, crafts, photography and digital media projects. The purpose of this award is to enable the learner to develop the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to use a range of skills and tools, under direction and with limited autonomy, related to seeking employment or in employment. It enables the learner develop personal qualities and strengths to make informed choices to pursue a range of employment opportunities or to progress to further education or training.


  • Education: Learners do not need any previous formal qualification.
  • Aptitude: Learners who are ready to take on new tasks, can follow direction and are moving towards independent learning.
  • Previous Experience: No previous experience required. Suitable for learners who wish to progress to employment or further education and training through the attainment of a QQI level 3 major award.


Title Award Awarding Body
Application Of Number Application of Number (3N0928) QQI
Art And Design Art & Design (3N0608) QQI
Career Preparation Career Preparation (3N0896) QQI
Communications L3 Communications (3N0880) QQI
Computer Literacy Computer Literacy (3N0881) QQI
Craft - Textiles Craft-Textiles (3N1048) QQI
Mathematics Mathematics (3N0929) QQI
Nutrition And Healthy Options Nutrition & Healthy Options (3N0887) QQI
Personal And Interpersonal Skills Personal & Interpersonal Skills (3N0564) QQI
Personal Effectiveness Personal Effectiveness (3N0565) QQI
Functional Mathematics Functional Mathematics (3N0930) QQI


The learning outcomes associated with this award are outlined in the associated Component Specifications.