The programme, delivered in the National Learning Network, aims to provide learners requiring additional supports, with the skill, knowledge and competence to provide administrative support. This includes use of office equipment, use of computer applications, document production, managing filing systems and diaries in a variety of office settings.


  • Education: Applicants seeking entry to the programme must have achieved a minimum of a QQI Level 4 Major Award or its equivalent prior to entry to the programme.
  • Aptitude: Good numerical and communication skills are essential, including verbal and written command of the English language.
  • Previous Experience: N/A


Title Award Awarding Body
Work Experience (Community) Work Experience (5N1356) QQI
Bookkeeping Manual And Computerised (Community) Bookkeeping Manual & Computerised (5N1354) QQI
Business Administration Skills (Community) Business Administration Skills (5N1610) QQI
Communications (Community) Communications (5N0690) QQI
Database Methods (Community) Database Methods (5N0783) QQI
Marketing Practice (Community) Marketing Practice (5N1400) QQI
Spreadsheet Methods Spreadsheet Methods (5N1977) QQI
Word Processing (Community) Word Processing (5N1358) QQI


1.Display a broad range of knowledge, skills and competence in the field of business administration.

2.Demonstrate a broad range of bookkeeping and accounting skills, both manual and computerized.

3.Apply a broad range of text production or word-processing skills effectively in the managed learning and work experience environment.

4.Demonstrate a broad range of specified cognitive and practical skills related to their elective module choices.

5.Display an ability to interact positively and effectively, with a considerable degree of responsibility and autonomy, in the managed learning environment and the learner’s individual work experience situation.

6.Demonstrate a specified range of knowledge, skills and competence, which is determined by their elective module choices, as required for their chosen career path.

7.Engage productively in a supervised learning and external work experience environment.